Peace of mind.  That is what Seniors Helping Seniors gives us. We live in a different state than our 90-year-old parents, but we are confident our parents are well taken care of. We have been impressed with the high caliber of talent SHS has been able to find in the caregivers they hire. Our parents like every one of the women who rotate in morning and evenings to make their meals, do light housekeeping, lead them through their exercises, and socialize with them. The schedulers and owners bend over backwards to assure coverage when one of the caregivers cannot make it to their shift due to unforeseen circumstances – the owner even came to check on them one time when no one else was able to come!  The caregivers often step in to cover for each other if necessary, with true team spirit. We also appreciate that they keep us well informed about our parents’ health, moods, and needs which engages us in the decision making and their care.


We have used other caregiving services in the past, and there is no comparison to the professionalism, genuine care, and kindness shown by the employees of Seniors Helping Seniors.


Daughters of Happy SHS customers